Is two thousand 18 Your Year For a Website Redesign?

If your website is over two years old, it could be hurting you more than it’s helping. If along these lines, this is your year for a website redesign

We have a tendency to forget about things that are not right before us. And for many of us, our websites are not the first thing we take a gander at each morning. In fact, many of us would have to admit we have not taken a gander at our website in the past two months. I consider that an issue. So this might be the year you have to consider that “thing” you have to drive leads to your business. Here are some normal issues that probably signal you are ready for a redesign in 2018.

  1. Your Relationship with Your Website Might Be the Issue.

The biggest issue with websites is that the vast majority have a relationship with their website like they do with the refrigerator. It’s there, it does what I think it does, and have no reason to think about it unless it breaks. You have one, so you’re secured. Right? Not exactly.The right way to view your website is like a salesman for your company. Would you disconnect from your sales team for weeks at a time? Would you pay no attention to the information coming out of their lips before your potential clients? What is the point of having a website if it doesn’t enable you in the sales to process? If somebody called you on the telephone, would you be confident sending them to your website instead of taking a call yourself?

A difference betweeen Website and Web Application.

Posted by on Monday, 18 September 2017

  1. Have You Taken a gander at Your Competitors’ Websites?

It’s amazing to me how infrequent many prospects take a gander at their competitors’ websites. Have you taken a gander at your competitor’s website as of late? I trust in your analysis you’ve held your competition under your thumb. Your website sometimes just looks as great as the industry. If your competition simply did a redesign, it’s time to break out the checkbook. This business version of “keeping up with the Joneses” may appear to be almost unimportant, however in all actuality letting your competition look superior to anything you can represent a real risk to your business. As a business leader, you have to eliminate any advantage your competition might have over you. If they look more up to date, fresher, and more polished, you are at a disadvantage.

  1. Website design enhancement, Mobile and Other Technical Issues

It ought to abandon saying, however there are a couple of technical issues that would indicate your need to concentrate on a redesign.

  1. It’s not a mobile-ready website – meaning you don’t have a mobile, responsive version. Your entire website ought to be viewable and navigable on mobile.
  2. Your Web optimization is nonexistent. When you search for your industry and location, you should find your business. If you search for your watchwords and you are not discovered, it’s time. You can fix this on your present site, however 75% of the time, it’s best to simply start over.
  3. If you have any visual issues, or the design itself is more than 3 years old, it’s time for a redesign. This is a recurring cost. A healthy business will invest 5-10K a year on website edits alone. And if it looks old, it could be hurting you.

  1. You Can’t Point to the Value of Your Website.

If an advisor asked you what the value of your website is to your business, would you have an answer? This is another way of looking at the part of your website in your marketing. Is your website responsible for your lead generation? Does your website qualify and reassure your potential clients? You ought to have the capacity to quickly articulate the value of your website to your business. Sometimes this is simply a mental exercise we as a whole need to think about, however sometimes, your website actually does not have a value. In 2018, if your website does not have value to your business, you have to replace it or cut the cost. What Options Do You Have? There are many options while considering your website in 2018. You don’t have to build a bespoke website to achieve great design, or wait a very long time to launch. Innovation has changed and there are more options than any time in recent memory. It’s a great season to rebuild.

Starters: Run with a Facilitated Solution

Three years ago, the entire marketing world would have laughed at the idea of using or a facilitated website creation. (as a personal admission: I still laugh at, which I think is crap). Yet, these platforms are for real, and actually allow you some great benefits for most simple websites. Financial plan for these can be anywhere from 2k-6k, based on the customization.

B2B Growth: Go WordPress

If you’re a company at or more than 1M in income, you ought to have an appropriate website, with real Web optimization functionality and lead generation features, for example, ebooks, web journals, and so forth. You can utilize templates in WordPress to make the cost lower. We’ve done a few sites this past year under 10K for a custom size with a predefined subject that have been great.

Brand Conscience: Custom Theme WordPress

If your brand and look are really important to your company, a full custom site would be required to really make your mark. You’re an established business and you have the capital to customize and control your brand image online. These can range from 10-15K based on what kind of functionality you might require. you can follow on linkedin 

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Is two thousand 18 Your Year For a Website Redesign?

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